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Since grad school, I have always had my eye set on private practice. Every position, from internship to community mental health agency to group practice, was taking me one step closer to finally being free from being told what to do, how to do it, or who to see.

But, while I was steadfast in my dream of owning my own business, the constant stream of naysayers had me questioning my own beliefs.

I was told:

  • You can never make it on your own.
  • You have to suck wind the first several years before you’ll get any clients.
  • You’re not in this career to make money, are you? (<-- my personal favorite *eye roll*)

I was in a constant battle of knowing how bad I wanted something while also being told that I had no choice but to accept pennies for the work that I had poured my heart, time, and bank account into.

Even mentors or experienced therapists would tell me that I needed to be "realistic." That I need to expect to work long hours and accept whatever insurance companies gave me.

After working my ass off at the agency while being told it still wasn’t enough, I was burnt out. 


 I decided enough was enough.

 I waited impatiently for my licensure supervisor to give me the green light to strike out on my own, dreaming of what life could be without someone else telling me what to do. Then, suddenly it all went very quickly.

Here’s the breakdown:

November 26: I found Laura’s Psychology Today course – by the end of the week, I had 2 new intakes. Call me a believer and sign me up for that e-mail list. This chick’s got it.

January 16: I finally got the green light to start my own practice from my supervisor (I wasn’t even licensed yet for another year and a half). Cue naming my business, getting an EIN, and frantically Googling how the hell to run a business.

January 30: I jumped all the way in – Signed up for "Your Badass Therapy Practice" course, looked for offices, and started plotting my escape. Signed my lease 6 days later.

February 11: I resigned from my agency job and was told (verbatim) that I was going to fall flat on my face. That “they” make this all look easier than it really is. I didn’t know if they were right or wrong, but I knew if I didn’t try, I would regret it.

March 28: “Your Badass Therapy Practice” course ends, I had my last day at my agency job, and I moved into my new office. I opened my doors on April 8 and I’ve never looked back.

Laura made me feel like I belonged, like I wasn’t crazy for wanting more, different, or better. I felt so validated that there was a world where I could live the life I wanted and get paid to do it. Not only did she help me believe in that possibility, she told me how the hell to make it happen.

This wasn’t without struggle.


I had to quiet the very loud part of me who often wondered “who the hell do I think I am?”

My parents were supportive but skeptical, my mentors warned of the dangers of failure, and even my own therapist told me not to do it – it was too much stress (I promptly fired her, by the way).

I had to learn to tune out the what ifs (even if well meaning) and tune into how the fuck to make it happen.

After many pep talks from my husband, finishing the course, and spending long hours of preparation, I was doing it. I was really doing it. I was seeing clients on my terms, on my schedule, in the way that I wanted to do it.

Fast forward a couple years and I realized that I wanted more. I wanted to not only enjoy doing this private practice, but help others do it, too.

I wanted to connect with other therapists who were fighting their own battles of not feeling like enough, worrying that the clients wouldn’t come, or drowning in a jam-packed schedule. I wanted to help therapists realize what was standing in their way and how to break through. I want to help YOU break through and help you to feel the way that you can only imagine, right now.


  • feeling calmer, confident, and empowered.
  • working the hours that you want to work without feeling guilt for not being accessible to everyone all the time.
  • saying “no” to clients that are poor fits and saying “yes” to a caseload that you feel excited about working with, every. freaking. day.
  • having time to run your practice AND spend time at home.
  • having energy, feeling focused, and actually taking action on the changes you want to see in your practice. Being able to breathe again, like you aren’t scrambling to figure it all out.

If you’re ready to stop wondering when you’ll get around to taking action and to actually break through the barriers to success, check out the options below and let’s chat. As you can see from my timeline, a few months can make a world of difference. 


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Why Mentorship?

This is totally different for everyone. While the course is helpful for the nuts and bolts of creating a badass business, we all have unique challenges as we try to apply the material. Often times, this is more mindset driven than task-oriented.

You may find yourself procrastinating, having difficulty holding deadlines, or feeling stuck for no good reason.

You may notice that self-doubt is creeping in, that you can’t shake the scarcity mindset, or you just can’t make yourself stick to your damn ideal schedule. Whatever it is, 1:1 coaching can provide you with the opportunity to talk directly to a coach and receive feedback that is customized to you to help you notice the underlying beliefs that are holding you back and keeping you stuck. 

This is a processing experience that is totally dedicated to your business-building and practice management. A unique space created for you to delve deep into your role as an owner and CEO of your business. It can be lonely at the top, so stay connected with someone who gets it and spend some time kicking Bitchy Brenda to the curb.

What people are saying...

Heidi Lindeman M.Div., M.A.,LPCC 

"Anne Marie's presence and ability to ask questions are so on point, gentle, open and provide space for deep reflection and shifting out of perspectives that are holding you back. I was able to work through some deep fear around fees and move into taking action to raise my rates. She helped me become a better therapist by focusing on my practice, blows my mind how she did that!"

Liz Finley, MA, LMFT, CADC

"I overcame my self-doubt and increased my self-worth through thoughtful conversations and being challenged by Anne Marie. Through this I have been able to build my practice while staying within my niche and within the schedule I want to have. I would recommend this to anyone who is wanting to overcome doubt with private practice, anyone who wants support while being challenged, and anyone who wants to take their private practice to the next level.  Thank you so much!!"

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