Private 1:1 Coaching for Solo Practitioners

Let's get real for a minute.

You've been reading blog posts, listening to podcasts, and absorbing as much free shit as you can in Facebook groups, trying to piecemeal anything that sounds like it might work for you as you build your practice.

But that's the problem - everything is just hodgepodged together like a casserole of nonsense and now you don't even know where the hell to start.

That's where we come in.

Meet Jessica


I remember hearing,

“If you wanted to make money, then you chose the wrong career.”

I had always wanted to start a private practice, but most of my experience was working in community mental health.

After two years of seeing 12-16 clients a day, I was burned out.

I loved the flexibility of private practice and that I could actually be paid what I’m worth...and do things my own way.

So I made the decision to pursue my dream of starting my own private practice.

I would work 12-hr days at community mental health and then going straight to my private practice in the evenings. At night, I stayed up late researching private practice, and on my days off I worked my ass off to make this dream a reality.

I read blogs, listened to multiple podcasts, googled the shit out of SEO, developing a niche, how to market… pretty much “how THE fuck to get clients…any clients.”

During this process I realized that I actually loved this business shit.

How I got here

After hearing Laura on a couple of podcasts, I decided to do some research to learn who this chick was.

Laura spoke my language and I admired her authenticity.

I realized that what I was missing was taking the leap to becoming my own authentic self in my practice… and systems to help my practice run like a well-oiled machine.

I enrolled in "Your BADASS Therapy Practice" course and immediately felt less overwhelmed.

I put everything I learned from Laura and my previous research into effect immediately...and my practice became more successful than I ever could have imagined.

I want to help other therapists have the same success and to truly feel fulfilled in their practice.

I want you to help those clients you are meant to serve.

I want you to charge based on the value you're able to provide to your clients.

I want you to not fear being your authentic self in your practice.

And I want to teach you how to create an amazing website that kicks ass.

I want to help YOU to reach your private practice goals.

Check out the options for working with me below and complete the coaching application today. Let's do this shit.

How Jessica can help

While Jessica kicks ass in a lot of areas related to practice building, she really shines when it comes to helping those who are either in the beginning/planning stages of building their practices OR those who have a solo practice that's riding the struggle bus. 
Can't figure out your niche or ideal client? Does your website need a major facelift? Are your systems so disorganized that you don't even know how you've gotten this far? Then Jessica's your girl.

This is your opportunity to invest in yourself as a business owner and skip over a lot of mistakes that other therapists make along the way. Not only that, but you can go through this exciting (and let's be honest, fucking scary) journey with someone who wants to see you kick ass and will hold your feet to the fire.

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What's included?

Private coaching is offered in 2 or 3-month packages depending on your needs.Jessica helps guide you through the nuts & bolts of learning your niche, setting up systems, and helps you to create a laser focused marketing plan with 1:1 support. All packages include the following:

1:1 Video Coaching Calls

Based on the package that works best for you, I'll help you navigate any area you're struggling with, from marketing and systems to website design and copywriting. Oh don't worry, we'll also talk mindset - I'll walk you through any mental blocks that are keeping you stuck so we can torch those bitches..

Easy Access

If you've got a quick question, no need to hold off until our next coaching call - just shoot me a quick message! I'm all about having good boundaries, but it's also nice to have someone in your corner during off-hours if you need them.


It wasn't long ago when I was in your shoes, and it would have been really nice to have someone who could see through my bullshit but also help me work through my own mental barriers using a mix of compassion and badass encouragement. 

How Do I Get Started?


1. First, you'll complete the coaching interest form at the bottom of this page

Once you submit the application, Jessica will reach out to you within 1 business day to discuss next steps and whether or not coaching with Jessica is right for you.


2. If you and Jessica decide to move forward, you'll schedule a free, 10-15 minute meet and greet via Zoom.

During this initial call, Jessica will answer any remaining questions you have about the coaching process and will ask you some questions to make sure you're both on the same page about your goals for coaching.


3. You and Jessica will schedule your first coaching call!

Each call will focus on a specific, pre-determined area (Jessica is super organized), and together you'll review the progress you've made since our previous call. Jessica will guide you through any roadblocks you're having and review anything (like your website or PT profile) prior to our call. If Jessica don't know the answer to a question, she'll do whatever it takes to find the right answer for you. At the end of each coaching call, Jessica will give you action steps to focus on to help prepare you both for your next call.


4. Have a quick question in between your coaching calls? No problem.

Based on your coaching package, you'll have quick access to me through the Voxer app in between calls if you run into a snag and need some help.

What people are saying...

Anne Marie Ruta Buchanan LPCC, BC-DMT, NCC

"Jessica was a wonderful and inspiring coach for me. Her down to earth, realistic approach to private practice building helped me make important decisions I needed to grow my new practice. I was impressed by the time she took in between my sessions to get to know me through my website and Psych Today profile so that she could steer me in the right direction. She works hard and smart, and I highly recommend her to any therapist who could use a gentle but firm push in moving forward in their private practice."

Danielle Archer, Ed.D. LMHC

"Jessica took my mess and made magic with it. She provides real, tried and true feedback, guidance and tips. Jessica definitely takes your individual practice and goals in mind when working with you to make your practice the best it can be." 

Amy Vredenburgh, MA, LMFT

"Jessica was a breath of fresh air with her humorous, real and affirming feedback. She offered a lot of expertise and helped me feel "ok" with being so new and unsure of the things I needed from coaching. I really REALLY appreciated her focus on being my authentic self and how to weave that into my website and practice overall!"

What Is The Investment?

I get it, you see the word "Investment" and you're like, "OK, this is where she throws some ridiculous number out there and expects me to take out a second mortgage." The reason why coaches use the term "investment" is because the value you get from committing to something like private coaching is a true investment in yourself and your practice. I'm willing to go above and beyond to give you whatever tools you need to be successful, and the level of commitment I have for my students is hard to find anywhere else.

We currently offer two different coaching packages based on how much individual time you want.

ADVANCED - $697/mo 

(Mininum 3-month commitment) 

TWO 60-min video coaching sessions via Zoom

Emailed recordings of each session

Google Docs

(Includes activities & worksheets to help you meet your goals , as well as homework assignments for you to work on outside of session.)

Weekly Check-ins

(Email & contact through the app Voxer to check in on progress/any obstacles that may come up.)

ELITE - $1,197/mo

(Minimum 2-month commitment) 

FOUR 60-min video coaching sessions via Zoom

Emailed recordings of each session

Google Docs

(Includes activities/worksheets to help you meet your goals, as well as homework assignments for you to work on outside of session.)

Ongoing support

(Email & contact through the Voxer app to check in on progress/any obstacles that may come up in between sessions. Also provides any necessary feedback in the google doc for completed assignments and places where you might be stuck.) 


I'm ready.

Fill out the coaching application below and we will be in touch within 24 hours.


Still have questions?

 Shoot me an email at