Mentoring Sessions

with Anne Marie Schoenherr, LMFT

Mindset Mentor for YBTP

1:1, dyadic, and small group support with Anne Marie, YBTP's Official Mindset Mentor

Anne Marie will help you crush overwhelm and quiet fear by working through the sticky mindset shit that comes up as you grow your practice.

You'll receive personalized feedback targeted to help you strategically take action while breaking through the mental blocks that are holding you back. 

Calls can focus on anything from general strategizing, to determining your ideal schedule, understanding your ideal client, streamlining your client onboarding process, or reviewing your Psychology Today profile. The world is your oyster. 

Don't worry - there's no extra preparation or note-taking involved. The video calls are even recorded and emailed to you so that you can continue to have access to them long after the session is over. 

Here's what others are saying...

Rebecca Flores, MA, LPC

"I spent my coaching session with Anne Marie focusing on getting clarity around my ideal client. Anne Marie took the time to review the questionnaire I completed regarding my ideal client prior to our coaching session and came prepared. As we were going through it, she had me really focus on ONE ideal client. It was one who I was actually afraid to admit was my ideal client. She kept digging deeper with me to determine so many specifics about my ideal client that I wouldn't have thought of on my own. She was then able to summarize my ideal client. This gave me so much energy and confidence after our coaching session!"

MacKenzie Bradke Lester, LCSW

"Anne Marie's coaching sessions were immeasurably helpful. She is gentle yet direct, and she threw some hard truths that I needed to hear to get me to think differently about the care I was providing my own clients under the sweatshop conditions I was making myself work under. She helped me give myself permission to want and to make a case for what I was asking for that I just couldn't get to myself. I would do these 1:1 a million times over! Anne Marie is so incredibly helpful and insightful. I certainly wouldn't be where I am today without her." 

Here are some things that Anne Marie can help you with: 

These calls will be really helpful if you’re in the preparation or action stage of:

  • Raising fees (and figuring out what the hell they should be)
  • Announcing big changes to clients
  • Getting serious about sticking to a schedule (or getting real about making one)
  • Cutting down your caseload (and knowing how to say ‘no’)
  • Getting firm with your policies or finally making some
  • Reworking your ideal client or niche
  • Revising your Psychology Today or copy for your website
  • Feeling bogged down in the mindset muck and needing clarity

All calls will be held over Zoom so that Anne Marie can record the meeting and e-mail it to you, so that you don’t have to worry about taking notes or committing everything to memory.

If you select the individual mentoring session, you'll be directed to Anne Marie's schedule once you click "Buy Now" and pay. 

If you and another therapist (or a small group) are interested in working with Anne Marie together, select the 45-minute mentoring session for two or small group option. Each person will need to purchase this option independently, at which point a mutually beneficial time will be selected.

 What's Included:  Recorded Zoom Call with Anne Marie (45-min)  Note: You will select your session date and time with Anne Marie after purchase.

45-minute individual mentoring session with Anne Marie - $300